KCF Rallysport Short Course Challenge - Burnett Sprint

Saturday, 10 Aug 2019

KCF Rallysport Short Course Challenge - Burnett Sprint

Once again we must thank Keith Fackrell, for his support of this event.. The Benarkin school and the P&C association will be catering for the day.  Do your best to support them and see the valuable work they do with the kids of the area. 

While retaining the essential ingredients that make these events so successful, the close and unusually compact nature of the stages chosen have allowed us to vary the format a little.  We are going to try some thing aimed squarely at giving competitors more flexibility to use the available time, daylight and roads to give the option of additional competitive kilometres. 

The event is going to run using A to B timing, no set service schedule and untimed liaisons to allow competitors the maximum time directed to doing competitive kms.  Should you wish to go straight back and run again without service you can. 

In the interests of further maximising competition time, we are going to offer two passes of recce in convoy, just like Rally Otago.  Those who have experienced it tell me it works surprisingly well.  The first pass will be at lower speed and we will step it up a little for pass two. 

To ramp up the competition a little we are also going to run the event over two heats.  Heat one will be conducted over two competitive stages.  Competitors are expected to complete two passes over each stage.  If they have managed their time to allow it, competitors will be allowed a third pass on one or both stages. 

Results of Heat one will be the best 2 times over each stage.

At the completion of heat one, competitors will return to regroup.  During this time the two stages will be combined into a single long stage.  Following regroup, competitors will restart in seeded order and complete the grand finale of heat two.  The best 2 times of each stage in Heat 1 plus heat two will determine the result. 

To control the event, competitors will be positively tracked via radio, and we will also use these means to pass results quickly to our scoring team. 

Spectators will be provided for in both heats. 

August is usually great rally weather, dry if a little chilly.  But we are hoping to stimulate some red hot competition with a format aimed at getting in as much rallying as you can fit.  

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